Database Complete As Of The Auction

Attached is the database as of the conclusion of the auction. Please take a good, hard look at your team and make sure I didn’t screw anything up.

And here are the financials for each team upon leaving the auction, including final pool comp:

By the way, this email is being sent from the Blue Jays’ charter on the way to St. Louis. We’re currently somewhere over Colorado Springs.
ATL 4,060,668

BAL 3,942,761

BOS 7,471,673

CHI 332,297

COL 808,708

DET 1,183,502

FLA 4,075,478

HST 6,532,022

HOU 11,900,052

KC 543,475

LA 4,616,016

MIL 653,790

MINN 475,472

NYM 547,552

NYY 36,976,645

OAK 1,295,966

OHI 9,791,911

STL 1,890,975

SDG 21,008,026

SF 878,228

SCO 1,966,224

TB 4,975,240

TEX 4,072,052

TOR 331,504