Let's Get the Season Rolling Boys!

Bids are in …

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The winning team, and the winning bid:
Jared Burton – DET ($575,000)
Brendan Donnelly - NYM ($700,000)
Dana Eveland – DET ($400,000)
Jeff Fiorentino – OAK ($425,000)
Paul Maholm – NYM ($800,000)
Jason Michaels – OC ($275,000)
Renyel Pinto – BOS ($225,000)
Jamey Wright – OC ($575,000)

Pre-season Waivers – Primary Claims

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Primary claims have been made on the following players by the following teams:

Brian Bass – NYM
Jamie Burke – BOS
Jared Burton – NYM
Miguel Cairo – SEA
Tony Clark – BOS
Chris Coste – BOS
Juan Cruz – TOR
Brendan Donnelly  – NYM and SEA
Dana Eveland – MIL
Jeff Fiorentino – BOS and OAK
Edgar Gonzalez (p) – NYM
Paul Maholm – COL, NYM and TOR
Jason Michaels – OC and SEA
Sergio Mitre – OAK
Greg Norton – SEA
Paul Phillips – OAK
Renyel Pinto – BOS and NYM
Chris Ray – TOR
Anthony Reyes – NYM
Juan Rincon – NYM
Nick Stavinoha – TOR
Reggie Willits - COL
Jamey Wright – NYM and OC

Remember, no team’s primary claim has any greater standing than the other’s, and when dealing with multiple primary claimants, the $500K rule does not apply.

Secondary claims may be made on any of these players until 11:59 PM Eastern on Sunday, April 18th, and bidding will be done on Monday for players on whom there are multiple claims.

Once pre-season waivers are done, the season will begin!  Before you begin your season, though, you have to declare your active roster and emergency catcher, declare when your percentage limitation guys will play, declare who (if anyone) is on injured reserve and make your win prediction (rookie owners don’t have to make their win prediction until after the May series).

Happy Motoring!


Trading Zopen

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Trading is officially open, and will remain open until the November trade deadline, which will be firmed up at a later date.

Remember, tonight at 11:59 PM Eastern is the deadline to make primary waiver claims, and once the pre-season waiver process is done (early next week), each team must have 30 carded players on major-league contracts, seven of whom must be able to be starting pitchers.


Post ’09 Auction Financials

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Thanks for checking out your rosters and filling me in on the mistakes, hopefully it’s all corrected now.  The corrected up-to-database is attached (see links page).

Below is a list of how much money each team left the auction with, but speaking of money, there are still 10 teams who owe me their league dues:  ATL, CHI, COL, DET, LA, MINN, NYM, NYY, SEA and TB please get a cheque for $75 in the mail as soon as possible.  Spencer and Brian S., the Canadian dollar is at par now, so U.S. funds are fine.

Thank you in advance for your prompt co-operation!

Here are the financial totals as of the end of the auction, note that $368,333 was distributed in pool compensation to each team at auction’s end:

ATL – $1,317,183

BAL – $582,375

BOS – $2,228,363

CHI – $1,446,471

COL – $1,309, 612

DET – $2,109,490

FLA – $1,235,420

HST – $5,738,216

HOU – $9,617,065

LA – $10,534,812

MIL – $9,156,157

MINN – $1,120,061

NYM – $1,227,746

NYY – $839,787

OAK – $517,383

OHI – $1,147,089

OC – $405,318

STL – $8,860,131

SDG – $13,089,092

SF – $4,901,760

SCO – $11,027,866

SEA - $610,399

TB – $2,855,984

TOR – $409,547