League-Wide Trade Discussion


It has come to my attention that there was a thread of league-wide trade talk this morning on which I was not included.

When people try to talk trade while the playoffs are still going on, I always try to shut it down, because I feel as though it’s disrespectful to the teams that are still alive in the post-season. 

But I also recognize that our off-season is short, and teams that are out of it are anxious to make moves, so it’s a bit of a conundrum.  The fact that this most recent thread was started by a team that is still alive in the playoffs makes it even more conundrumic.

So – what should we do?

Obviously, teams that are out want to talk turkey, as it were. And teams that are still in don’t want to miss out on opportunities for next year while they’re still trying to win this year.

Should we just go wild west and take all the reins off, or should we change something or change nothing?

I want feedback – what have you thought in the past when you were in the playoffs still and trade emails were flying around? What should we do?

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