Rookie Draft Lottery and BlowOut Results


The New York Yankees “won” the rookie draft lottery, moving from the 6th pick to the 2nd overall.  Everything else went as expected.

The first round of the rookie draft will be:

1. FLA

2. NYY (picking 6th in each subsequent round)

3. KC (picking 2nd in each subsequent round)

4. NYM (picking 3rd in each subsequent round)

5. COL (picking 4th in each subsequent round)

6. WSH (picking 5th in each subsequent round)

7. MINN (switching picks with LA each round)

8. LA (switching picks with MINN each round)

9. SCO (switching picks with OHI each round)

10. OHI (switching picks with SCO each round)

11. MIL

12. ATL

13. TEX (switching picks with SD each round)

14. SD (switching picks with TEX each round)

15. HST

16. TB

17. TOR

18. OAK

19. STL

20. HOU

21. DET

22. BAL (switching picks with BOS each round)

23. BOS (switching picks with BAL each round)

24. SF

Off-season housekeeping stuff will be sent out as soon as Rick Q. gets me the numbers, and I’ll be ready to get to work with non-playoff teams and whoever else wants to pretty much right away!

Thanks for another great regular season!

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