September 20

To MIN: Kyle Seager
To NYM: MIN1, $600,000

To CHI: Jonathan Schoop
To MIN: Jon Lester

To CHI: Robbie Ray, Tim Beckham, David Dahl
To COL: Aaron Sanchez, Hunter Pence

September 17

To SF: Clayton Kershaw, Hanley Ramirez
To FLA: SF1, SF2, Dallas Keuchel, Mikie Mahtook, Ketel Marte, $1,600,000

TOPICS FOR 2017 THROW Summer Meeting

-Enforce fines/penalties for playing late

-Transactions during series

-Minor-league roster expansion

-Chat solution

-Election of all officers

-League Calendar (Advance issuance of dates for trade deadline, BlowOut, rookie draft, auction)

-Expectations of owners – what’s required, what’s optional

-Roster size back to 37

-Only opportunity to re-sign your own FA is after rookie deal expires

-Move entire league online

-Increase innings for pitchers

-Increase number of starts required to be an unlimited starter

-Abolish the 20AB rule OR treat players with less than 20AB per side as uncarded

-Firm decision on how to treat hitters who run out of ABs

-Change playoff format: 2nd vs 3rd in each division, winner plays div. winner.

-Getting everyone to play by the same rules

-In-game changing “two baserunners” to “two batters faced over the minimum” for pitchers’ tired

September 5

To MIL: Justin Turner, Alexei Ramirez, Prince Fielder
To OAK: Yasiel Puig, MIL6, $2,170,000