Catching Up

Now that I’m all settled in Florida and got the brand-new 20th Century version of AOL installed on my work laptop, a couple of housekeeping items for the league.

1 – Only one team took up the offer for an off-season move. Rob Leth’s Washington Senators have packed up and moved west, they’re now the Chicago Cubs (I assume. Maybe the Chicago Yellow Ledbetters, we should ask him).

2 – There are three teams remaining to do their off-season work – Baltimore, Homestead and San Francisco. I’ve arranged with Bryan to do his this weekend, obviously Steve is under no obligation to do his until he either takes care of Mr. Toops or gets taken care of, and I’m waiting to hear from Conor.

Once the THROW World Series is over, the free agent list and new database will come out, and trading will open soon after.

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