New Rules


-The first two series are due by the end of May, as opposed to the first three series being due by the end of June.

-A series is not officially reported until limits are reported. Fines and penalties will be strictly enforced.

-Rookie draft lottery odds will be changed so that after the first pick is won, the odds remain relatively the same as what they were before the first pick was won, as opposed to the worst remaining team having a 61% chance of winning the second pick.

-Major-league rosters remain at a maximum of 40, minor leagues at six.

-Disabled-list changes from a nine-day minimum to a seven-day minimum, and this will be the only disabled list.

-One non-DL related roster move per series will be allowed, but a player who is optioned mid-series may not be recalled until AFTER the NEXT series, unless he comes back to replace someone who is going to the DL.

-Players cannot be stashed on the disabled list – they must be activated within three days of becoming healthy.

-The free agent appendix will be adjusted and made more reflective of real-life, normal aging-curve conditions.

FOR NEXT SEASON (2018 Card Set):

-Major-league rosters reduced to 37, minor-league rosters increased to eight.

-Starting pitchers must have 20 real-life starts in order to be unlimited. Starters with fewer than 20 real-life starts will be limited to 5/9 of their real-life starts, rounded up to the nearest whole number.

We still need to figure out what to do with players with fewer than 20 at-bats per side, and whether or not to overhaul the free agent system, and those are discussions we can have this summer.

Financials/Waiver Addition/Trading Open

Due to a mix-up at the auction (Kyle took a player when he was out of roster spots), Marco Hernandez is now a Scottsdale Scorpion and Jhonny Peralta moves into the waiver pool.

Trading is now open, and will remain open until the November trade deadline.

You may now submit your Opening Day 25-man roster (plus win prediction, emergency catcher and percentage-limit use), though I suggest we wait until pre-season waivers are settled, which will be the end of the week.

Primary claiming on pre-season waivers remains open until Wednesday at 11:59pm Eastern.

Here is how much money each team left the auction with, after the distribution of final pool comp. Thanks again to the Kovens for doing a fantastic job of tracking:

ATL – 1,811,259

BAL – 1,338,561

BOS – 6,899,051

CHI – 1,740,526

COL – 1,693,682

DET – 965,947

FLA – 809,234

HST – 1,549,256

HOU – 16,773,352

KC – 369,769

LA – 1,343,031

MIL – 503,086

MINN – 212,922

NYM – 427,336

NYY – 1,391,689

OAK – 1,346,616

OHI – 208,660

STL – 1,335,539

SDG – 16,054,781

SF – 596,046

SCO – 320,814

TB – 4,820,217

TEX – 3,198,026

TOR – 385,743

2017 Suspensions

Please be advised that Ervin Santana, currently with TB, and Brett Gardner, currently with SCO, are each suspended for the first seven games of next season.


The THROW Annual End-Of-Season BlowOut will take place on Saturday, January 27th at 11:00am Eastern at a place to be determined depending on the turnout. This gives everyone who won’t be there an extra week to get their season done.
The other dates remain unchanged:
The 2018 THROW Rookie Draft (2017 Card Set) will take place online, in a Rolz chat room, on Wednesday, March 21st at 7:30pm Eastern.
The Free Agent Auction will take place on Saturday, April 14th at 10:30am Eastern at a place to be determined.

Five on Special Waivers

The following players have been placed on Special Waivers this week:
Wei-Yin Chen (by BAL) is on a four-year contract for $2,300,000 this year and $1,150,000 each of the next three years.
Gavin Floyd (by COL) is on a one-year deal for $1,500,000 and has 16 2/3 innings remaining.
Tommy Layne (by SCO) is on a one-year deal for $200,000 and has 20 innings remaining.
Andrew McCutchen (by OAK) is under contract for this year and next at $6,484,000 per year.
Kevin Quackenbush (by HST) is on a three-year contract for $550,000 this year and $314,000 each of the next two years. He has 23 2/3 innings remaining.
Claims can be made until 5:00pm Eastern on Friday, November 3rd, and any claimed player will be forced onto the active roster of the claiming team for the November series.

TOPICS FOR 2017 THROW Summer Meeting

-Enforce fines/penalties for playing late

-Transactions during series

-Minor-league roster expansion

-Chat solution

-Election of all officers

-League Calendar (Advance issuance of dates for trade deadline, BlowOut, rookie draft, auction)

-Expectations of owners – what’s required, what’s optional

-Roster size back to 37

-Only opportunity to re-sign your own FA is after rookie deal expires

-Move entire league online

-Increase innings for pitchers

-Increase number of starts required to be an unlimited starter

-Abolish the 20AB rule OR treat players with less than 20AB per side as uncarded

-Firm decision on how to treat hitters who run out of ABs

-Change playoff format: 2nd vs 3rd in each division, winner plays div. winner.

-Getting everyone to play by the same rules

-In-game changing “two baserunners” to “two batters faced over the minimum” for pitchers’ tired

July Waivers – Primary Claiming

Three primary claims were made in July waivers:
MINN – Jose Pirela
SF – Anthony Recker
SCO – Matt Albers
Secondary claims may be made until 11:59pm Eastern on Monday, July 31st.

Two On Special Waivers

Tyler Clippard and Ruben Tejada have been placed on Special Waivers.

Clippard is under contract for this season only at $1.2M and has 28 1/3 innings remaining.

Tejada is under contract for this season only at $200K and has 14 ABvsLH, 15 ABvsRH remaining.

Both players would be forced onto the roster of the team that claims them for the beginning of the July series, but would be available in the case of a DL-related move for Game Day 19.

Claims may be made until noon Eastern on Thursday, June 29th.

Two on Special Waivers

Two players have been placed on special waivers – Grant Green and Trevor Plouffe.
Claims may be made until noon Eastern on Thursday, June15th.
Green is on a one-year, $200,000 contract. Steve, please fill us in on how many at-bats he has left.
Plouffe is under contract for this year and next at $857,000 per season.