Dates Set

After hearing from everyone (except Manj – family issue and George – radio silence, apparently), there is a strong consensus as to which dates provide the least problem for the most people.

There is only one person who would not be able to make a rookie draft on Wednesday, March 22nd. So, with apologies to Pappy, the rookie draft will go that night, beginning at 7:30pm Eastern. Now we have to work on figuring out how to get everybody into a reliable chat room (GChat?) so we can start on time.

I have serious reservations about holding the auction so late in April, but the will of the people is that the auction be held on Saturday, April 22nd. Only Fred is unavailable that day, and there are four people (Pappy, Paul C., Kyle, Toops) who are unavailable for the next-best day, which was April 8th.

Having the auction so late in the month means that the season can’t start until the first week of May, after pre-season waivers are done,which means we all have to work hard to get our rosters and win predictions in as quickly as possible and get playing fast so that we can have three series done by the end of June. I hope I can count on all of you to do that.

I’ll get in touch with Walter ASAP – hopefully we can have the auction at the same venue as it has been recently, and hopefully he’ll be able to help out again, because he’s been really good and efficient doing things.

The auction will start at 11am Eastern on Saturday, April 22nd, with the hopes that it’s done by around 7:00.

Thanks to (almost) everyone for responding to the request so quickly,


ROOKIE DRAFT – Weds. Mar. 22, 7:30pm

FREE AGENT AUCTION – Sat. Apr. 22, 11am

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