Free Agent Asking Prices and Rookie Salaries



Again, I apologize for the delay in getting this out. We’re about two weeks behind, but I still think we’ll have no problem getting everyone done by the end of the month (assuming the playoffs are done by then).

As always, teams that are no longer active in the playoffs (there are 16 of you) are asked to get this done as quickly as possible. Teams that are still alive in the post-season are welcome to do it if they want to, but are under no obligation to until their team has either been eliminated or has won the championship.

Starting with whenever I wake up this morning, which will hopefully be around noon Eastern, I’m happy to do the off-season housekeeping with anyone who wants to, whenever I’m available.

Also, in the morning (or noonish), I’ll send out the brackets and the umpires for the second round of the playoffs.

Thanks for your patience.

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