New Rules


-The first two series are due by the end of May, as opposed to the first three series being due by the end of June.

-A series is not officially reported until limits are reported. Fines and penalties will be strictly enforced.

-Rookie draft lottery odds will be changed so that after the first pick is won, the odds remain relatively the same as what they were before the first pick was won, as opposed to the worst remaining team having a 61% chance of winning the second pick.

-Major-league rosters remain at a maximum of 40, minor leagues at six.

-Disabled-list changes from a nine-day minimum to a seven-day minimum, and this will be the only disabled list.

-One non-DL related roster move per series will be allowed, but a player who is optioned mid-series may not be recalled until AFTER the NEXT series, unless he comes back to replace someone who is going to the DL.

-Players cannot be stashed on the disabled list – they must be activated within three days of becoming healthy.

-The free agent appendix will be adjusted and made more reflective of real-life, normal aging-curve conditions.

FOR NEXT SEASON (2018 Card Set):

-Major-league rosters reduced to 37, minor-league rosters increased to eight.

-Starting pitchers must have 20 real-life starts in order to be unlimited. Starters with fewer than 20 real-life starts will be limited to 5/9 of their real-life starts, rounded up to the nearest whole number.

We still need to figure out what to do with players with fewer than 20 at-bats per side, and whether or not to overhaul the free agent system, and those are discussions we can have this summer.