Playoff Match-Ups


As the Annual End-Of-Season BlowOut drags towards its inevitable conclusion, the playoff match-ups are set.

Congrats to the division champions – Baltimore, San Francisco, Boston and Detroit (the Giants and Red Sox are the top seeds in their respective conferences).

This year, no tie-breaker games were needed.  The first round begins on Game Day 82, so there are two full off-days for every team.

Each round is a 2-3-2 format, beginning in the home park of the higher-seeded team, with a day off after Game Two and another after Game Five.

Here are the match-ups:


(3) HOU vs. (6) SD       Last two umpires of Crew B plus all of Crew C

(4) OAK vs. (5) TEX      Crew D plus first two umpires of Crew E



(3) STL vs. (6) HST         Crew F plus first two umpires of Crew G

(4) TOR vs. (5) TB      Crew H plus first two umpires of Crew I

Rookie draft lottery results will come out shortly, as will full BlowOut results.

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