Rules Clarifications

As we tackle the new DLB rule changes, I’ve had a couple of conversations the last little while about THROW rules that people are unsure about, or things that don’t appear in the rulebook, or things that need clarifying.
I’m putting this out to the league as a whole to ask you – what’s not clear about our rules? What needs clarifying or what has come up in your experience that the rulebook doesn’t cover?
For example – the rulebook states that players only have options if their contract starts with r1, r2 or r3, but we have been allowing r4s to be optioned without special waivers (Joakim Soria recently, for example).  Should r4s be optionable? That needs to be clarified.
If you can answer off the top of your head, that’s great.  If not, I have attached a copy of the latest version of the rulebook.