Some League info – Changes

Because Toronto now has dirt basepaths, there is no longer any adjustment for stealing bases at Rogers Centre.  Nor is there one for Tropicana Field, something we should have done a while ago.
Also, infield and outfield range results in both Tampa Bay and Toronto should be read off “grass” and not “turf” because the turf in both ballparks is no longer reflective of the green-carpet-over-concrete that was in use when the rules were written.
I spoke to Cieslinski about changing the charts, and he said he wouldn’t because he doesn’t want to change how people play old teams.
As well, Tampa Bay has petitioned three players to change positions. The following lists the players and their new defensive ratings.  They lose all other defensive ratings:
Corey Dickerson – 1B D/30
Steven Souza, Jr. – 1B D/40
David Wright – 1B D/40
I guess we should ditch the -1 and the turf considerations on the error chart, too, since those are meant for the older, faster types of turf, not the slower ones that mimic real grass that are in use today.