Upcoming Changes and Info

Here are the changes that will begin with next season that were decided on by the Rules Committee in our meeting last week:

-No expansion for now. We will take time to build a framework that will be in place if and when we decide it’s time to expand.

-Only starters with an endurance of 20 or less can pitch behind an opener. 25 endurance or more must start. Starters who pitch behind an opener still will require full starters’ rest.

-Between the opening of trading after off-season housekeeping and the rookie draft, generally about a week or two in early March, picks for the next season’s rookie draft will be allowed to be traded. But only then.

-Players will be able to start a game with fewer than 3 available at-bats, and once they’re out of at-bats, must hit on the Pitcher 5 card. Pitchers who are facing a hitter who is out of at-bats will become JAM, regardless of game situation.
-The schedule will be changed to even out games across months, so that April and September are better represented. 

-There will be a new process for petitioning players to a different position, the parameters of which will be clearly set out in the Rulebook.

-Roster moves are allowed as a result of a Bizarre Before The Game roll, but players who require just one day off will not be eligible to be placed on the Injured List.

-THROW will have no DH in the 2021 Card Set season, but if MLB moves to a universal DH after this season, we will follow suit for the 2022 Card Set and beyond.

-This isn’t new, but position players will be allowed to pitch in the 9th inning or later. We will build a new Position Players Pitching card for next season. The current one is on Page 18 of the Rulebook.

-If there is someone who would like to run for Commissioner, they’re welcome to put their name forward. If not, we’ll continue as is.

-If additional people want to be part of the Rules Committee, they’re welcome, but we’d like to keep the total number at 7. But if anyone wants in, let me know.

-An up-to-database will be sent out at the end of each month, when waivers are done.

-The $6 million bonus for making the playoffs will remain in place. Changes must be given two or three years to be in place before changing those changes, unless they’re so egregiously harmful that it’s readily apparent to all that it needs to be changed.

Thanks as always for your involvement in trying to make this the best nerd baseball league out there!